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In addition to the children and youth ministries of the church, First Presbyterian offers programs  for all adult ages. For additional information on any group, contact the church office.  Temporary closings have altered some of what we do.

Homebound Visitation and Communion:
Our congregation provides communion for our homebound membership.  Each month, designated Elders visit members who are unable to attend monthly communion services to offer them  communion and fellowship at their residence. The visits are conducted during the week after the first Sunday of the  month to coincide with the time communion is offered at our regular Sunday service.

Women’s Circles:
The Morning Women’s Circle meets monthly, during the  school year, on the first Monday of the month to study scripture. The  Circle selects a different study guide each year. Study leadership  rotates among member volunteers.

Morning Circle sponsors the Cookie Caper each December to raise funds  for a local charity; and in February, members pack Valentine’s Day boxes to be shipped to church college students and military personnel. Some  years, Morning Circle conducts a spring or fall tea at the Plano  Community Home.

Additionally, Morning Circle provides volunteers to help with other  church programs such as Vacation Bible School and Worship on Wednesdays. Morning Circle also sponsors two church- wide ladies’ luncheons in  December and May of each year.


Men’s Bible Study:
priscilla-du-preez-orv7R8ffRKM-unsplash400This is an open and informal study for all men. Any participant may volunteer for a leadership role.  The group meets year round on Fridays from 11:45 - 12:45. While Bible study is the primary focus, a particular topic or book  may be discussed.


Because of the Temporary Closing of our meeting places, we have stepped up our game and instituted several recurring Virtual events on ZOOM:


Sunday School every Sunday at 9:30 am.

Bible Study every Monday at 2:00 pm.

Prayer Meeting every Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Study Series on the Role of Social Justice in the Church,
                                     Thursdays Sep 10 - Oct 15, at 7:00 pm.

Jammies and unkempt hair are welcome!

To receive the links to view each of these ZOOM sessions, email the Church Office at

New to Zoom, and need help? Call Pastor Angie at (972) 365-3698 for help. Also, click here for Zoom tutorials

Zoom Sunday School

We are currently watching a video in Rob Bell's Nooma series, each of which are stand-alone.  We discuss the video’s theological meaning and Gods’ purpose for our lives. You will get hooked on Rob Bell, I promise.

Zoom Bible Study

We do a deep dive into the next Sundays’ Scripture Reading, the scripture the sermon is based on. It is no secret that some of the scripture is impossible to interpret correctly without the full context of the writer; the historical meaning of words and mores at the time of writing.  Different books of the bible, which discuss the same subject, often appear to have a little different take on the subject.  We get into all that in our study.

Zoom Prayer Meeting

Join Pastor Angie at 2:00 pm Thursday for a Zoom prayer meeting. The prayer meeting moved to Thursdays to accommodate those who are working with Streetside Showers on Wednesdays.

There are so many disturbing things going on every day, we need prayers for  our own spiritual strength. We need them, too, to ask God to give  strength and comfort to all the people affected by today's multitude of  upsetting circumstances.

We go through our prayer list and make sure we ask God help all of those folks in special need of His attention.





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